News from the Executive Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents, Teachers and Staff,

I can only express my utmost gratitude and respect for the work our activities team and the Book Week Committee have done to make this week so successful. The activities, designed to help foster a love of reading have certainly done the trick. I was amazed at the number of HS volunteers we had to read to the PYP students and gratified by the obvious pleasure that they got from it. However, this was pipped by the PYP students coming to the HS to read to them. It was also great to see what wonderful learning environments the school LRCs are. The poets, both local and international, were great and the various guest readers did a wonderful job. The culmination of the week was the drive through book character event which illustrated both the creativity of the students as well as the passion that they have for reading.  

Please enjoy these two student reflections on Hybrid Book Week:

Kayla Pietra Talaway Grade 4D

Halo, saya Kayla dari kelas 4D. Saya akan menceritakan kegiatan yang saya lakukan selama acara “Pekan Buku” di Sekolah Ciputra. Pada hari Senin siswa SMA membaca buku untuk kami dan kami juga memiliki pembicara tamu bernama Kimba. Pada hari Selasa waktu DEAR TIME, kami belajar tentang puisi dari Dreadlock Alien. Pada hari Rabu kami memiliki HARI PESTA PIYAMA! dan kami memakai piyama pada hari itu dan melakukan kegiatan yang menyenangkan. Pada hari Kamis kami meminta Mr. Terry membacakan cerita untuk kami berjudul The Adventures of Kory: Flight of the Kiwi. Pada hari Jumat kami mengadakan Pesta Kostum Karakter Buku secara lantatur dan Book Week Assembly. Perasaan saya mengikuti Pekan Buku ini senang dan bahagia karena saya bersemangat untuk berdandan sebagai karakter dan senang karena saya tahu acara Pekan Buku ini luar biasa!. Dari kegiatan Pekan Buku ini, saya belajar tentang membuat puisi dari para penyair terkenal tidak hanya puisi yang menggunakan bahasa Inggris tapi juga bahasa Indonesia. Saya juga baru tahu bahwa kata sederhana bisa dibuat menjadi bentuk lagu “rap”. Dan saya mendengarkan banyak cerita yang luar biasa. 

Ellaina Gianna Hanjaya Grade 4C

Hello, my name is Ellaina from PYP 4C. I am writing about my wonderful experience during the Book Week event in Sekolah Ciputra. We had a lot of fun having guest speakers throughout the week telling us the beauty in poems. On Monday we had the HS (high school) students come to our grade and read books to us. Then in the evening we had another amazing guest speaker named Kimba, he taught us about the ways to do poems, like through rap or just regular speaking. On Tuesday we learned different kinds of poetry from all over the world, we shared those poems in Flipgrid. We had another guest speaker from England and he is a famous poet, Dreadlock Alien. He let us insert pictures in slides about us and made a poem out of it. It was one of my favorite things I did this week. He helped me so much to see that making poems is fun and exciting, and I’ll never forget that. We also had Lao Shi Desy read us a story in dear time, it was “我的牙 wo de ya” (My teeth). On Friday we are going to dress up as characters from books and take pictures! I had so much fun during this week learning about poems and writing them. I loved this experience and am so excited about next year’s book week, and hope it’s going to be even better!

Our next continuum event will be International Human Rights Day.

Examinations and semester summative tasks begin for students next week in Grades 7-11. These grades will be added to student’s report card as feedback on progress during the semester. All the very best to those who are taking part in these assessments. Please prepare well and even more importantly be prepared to learn from the experience. The things you get right should affirm the progress that you have made whilst the things that you have got wrong should guide your further revision plans.  

All the very best of luck and have a great week!

Martin Blackburn 

Executive Principal 

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