News from the Executive Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents, Teachers and Staff,

Gong Xi Fa Cai! We wish you all the very best for Chinese New Year. We hope you enjoy a peaceful and prosperous year. It is wonderful to see many decorations around the school to help celebrate this very special event. We look forward to the assemblies and other activities that have been organised in the units. With more and more students attending for face to face learning it is nice to have the sense of fellowship and optimism that accompanies a shared celebration.

Following the break we move into the serious matter of the Grade 12 mock examinations, the PYP Exhibition and the MYP Personal Project. These are demanding yet rewarding activities for our students and we wish them all the very best in their endeavours. 

On Saturday we had a group of students in the school sitting their examinations for scholarships. This is very demanding as the standard for acceptance is very high. We wish them all the best of luck and really appreciate the fact that they are extending themselves to participate in this difficult process. Well done! We also look forward to the annual review of our current scholarship students. It is fascinating to note the amazing activities that they have undertaken and the many wonderful contributions they make.

As a final note, we need to remain vigilant as student numbers in the school for face-to-face teaching increase. The school has many processes in place, but we would also appreciate your support in reminding your children to maintain physical distancing, regularly wash and/or sanitise hands and wear masks properly. We appreciate your ongoing cooperation with this. 

Have a great week!

Martin Blackburn

Executive Principal

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