Diploma Programme Cohort 2019

The Diploma Programme is a long journey throughout which students work hard, acquiring knowledge, learning life skills and growing bonds of friendship. Cohort 2019, came to the end of their journey in May after three weeks of exams. Two months later they deserve our congratulations for maintaining the high standards which Sekolah Ciputra has achieved in recent years.

The students were part of our largest cohort ever with 44 students registered for the full diploma and 12 registered for Courses. Of the 44 full DP students 38 passed and the cohort scored an average of 33, which was once again an improvement on previous years. It is fantastic to note that seven of our students scored 40+ points with Madeline Sharon Firmanto scoring a school record of 44 points, a feat which less than 1% of the students in the world who take the DP manage to accomplish.

Our teachers, parents and most especially students worked incredibly hard last school year leading to some of the best results Sekolah Ciputra has ever had and allowing our students to enter prestigious universities in both Indonesia and abroad. I thank and congratulate everyone for the patience, support and hard work which led to the high standards set by Cohort 2019.

Simon Bradshaw 

DP Coordinator