News from the Executive Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents, students, teachers and Sekolah Ciputra community,

This is the big week for our grade 12s. They hold their final assembly and then have their formal graduation on Friday. It is an opportunity to farewell a wonderful group of students as they move on to the next part of their life’s journey. These moments are special because they allow us to celebrate achievements, reflect upon the journey already taken and anticipate the one ahead. We wish the class of 2024 all the very best for their special week.

Over the next two weeks these sorts of milestones will be replicated, to a lesser extent with the MYP completion ceremony, the PYP graduation and our early years completion ceremony. All these events are significant milestones based upon teamwork, shared vision and commitment.

These themes were also echoed during the farewell to our outgoing PSG executive and the introduction of the new team. Thank you Ibu Nency and team for all your hard work and good luck to Ayleen and the incoming executive!

Alongside all this the day-to-day work of our vibrant school continues. Friday’s grade 1 assembly was entertaining and engaging as ever. On Monday and Tuesday all the grade 11 students will continue their science commitments with the group 4 projects. Monday sees registration open for a free videography tutorial for students from Canon.

In a new initiative our Grade 6 students were involved with the “Lunch bunch.”  This was a collaboration with Ciputra University where the students were able to experience a formal meal prepared for them by the culinary students. Our students were wonderful and the whole idea supports the IBO philosophy on internationalism and engagement with the wider community. Thank you to Ciputra University!

It is great to see that many of our students have signed up to be trained to be buddies for the new students coming into the school next year. We have a big group of students joining and it is lovely that so many of our students are volunteering to help them to easily integrate into Sekolah Ciputra.

Finally good luck to all the candidates in the OSIS elections next week. We have been delighted with student leadership in the school and look forward to your carrying on the tradition.

Have a great week.

Martin Blackburn

Executive Principal