News from the Executive Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents, Students, Staff alumni and proud members of the Sekolah Ciputra family,

We hope you enjoyed a wonderful Chinese New Year celebration with friends and family. We hope you had the opportunity to reflect upon the past and plan for a better future. We wish everyone a very safe and prosperous new year.  The celebrations at the school were outstanding from early years, the PYP and into the HS. The PSG, as usual, made a wonderful effort in supporting the occasion.  The food stalls and activities in the BBC reminded us all of how close and positive relationships are at Sekolah Ciputra. It was particularly pleasing to meet several of our alumni at the event.

This week sees the design exhibition in the Ciputra Hall foyer. You will recall that four years ago the school, in response to feedback from both the parent and student surveys began an ongoing investment into design. This has led to the revamping of the buildings, the purchase of machinery and technology right across the continuum. Design has now grown exponentially as a subject choice and has sprouted into areas like coding and computer science. The design exhibition gives everyone an opportunity to showcase the skills and sophisticated design thinking that is being nurtured to help develop the next generation of innovative entrepreneurs.

Have a great week.

Martin Blackburn

Executive Principal