News from the Executive Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents, Teachers and Staff,

What a great week at school last week. We had the honour of hosting the Surabaya round of the Model United Nations (SCMUN). A fantastic performance from our students who organised and facilitated the entire event. Our students were very impressive and it was also wonderful to see the way our older and more experienced students mentored and supported those from all the attending schools who were new to the event. The MUN forces students to operate at a very high level. They must synthesise, persuade, negotiate and compromise on a topic, which was “Sustainable Development”. All in all, it was a great educational experience.

Another event that was held over the weekend was the Ciputra Cup Karate Competition, a new event to the school and organised by OSIS. The thing that struck me was the fact that many of the students organising the MUN were also organisers of the Karate Competition. Again, our student volunteers were out in force supporting what was a really successful event.

We had the privilege of Pak Antonius Tanan running our Parent Workshop last Friday. Parents joined the Creative and Independent Children workshop, combining a presentation with an interactive session with their children. Keep an eye on our event calendar for our next workshop.

With all this amazing extra-curricular activity I think it is timely to mention that we have very much reached the serious part of the semester. Senior examinations are upon us and it is important that all students make this their priority. The combination of good grades, a range of extra-curricula experiences and service is a good mix when applying for university – however, balance is important.

Have a great week.

Martin Blackburn

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