This week is a special one as Indonesia marks Independence Day. Our Elementary students will have their celebration here at school on Wednesday, 16th August whilst the High School and PYP 6 will mark the day with a formal flag raising ceremony at school on Thursday morning followed by some traditional Indonesian activities. Students from Years 6-12 are required at school in full uniform for the ceremony and games which are scheduled to finish at around 10.30 am. I have included below a student’s thoughts on Independence Day.

My Beloved Homeland, My Beloved Indonesia.

Independence Day is an important day for the citizens of Indonesia. Many Indonesians gave their lives to gain freedom from the Dutch. Without fear they took back what Indonesia had lost. Peace and harmony was won, while hate and war was banished from our beautiful country. Independence Day reminds us that we are responsible for our future. It reminds us of the cost of our freedom, and it reminds us to value our freedom.

Regina Felicia Hadiputri PYP 6C

On Friday I took part in a tour of our new Pre-Elementary building. It is an unbelievable building, I can’t wait until our students start moving in. It is absolutely fantastic. There are some photos in the gallery for you to see the progress.

Finally, it is great to see the pride our students are taking in their appearance and the extra emphasis being placed on timeliness and good manners. These are the things, along with our fabulous academic results, that set us apart.

Martin Blackburn

Executive Principal

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