Our trip to Yogyakarta

Sekolah Ciputra hosted a 4 day trip to Yogyakarta on 15th – 18th October to learn elements of civilization, but it was more than a trip, instead was a fun way to learn! Students did activities to learn and experience what it was like in the past civilization. Our trip also helps students to be more responsible so they can prepare for their future.

Our experiences

To start off, I woke up early at 4:30 am to go to the train station. When I first arrived, it was too early and nobody else was there. By 6:00 am everyone had arrived and was ready to go. The teachers handed out the tickets and we all lined up in our groups. Before we got on to the train, we had to scan our tickets and wait until it was time to go. Once we got in to the train we could sit anywhere we wanted to, so we had to choose wisely because we had to stay in that position for the whole trip. We needed to be patient because the train trip took 5 hours. When we arrived in Yogyakarta we had to take our luggage by ourselves and bring it to a bus. We went to a restaurant to eat, then the next stop was to the famous Candi Prambanan. We explored the temple and wrote down the elements of past civilization from this temple. The last stop for the day was to our hotel. This was one of the most important parts of the trip as we had to take  huge responsibility for the room because it was not our room and we could not lose anything.

Our feeling of the Yogyakarta trip

During this trip, there were a lot of memorable moments; one of the things that I enjoyed most was when we rode the bull and the planting park. It was fun but also shows how hard parents work to accomplish things. It was also very rare to go so far away and do lots of activities without our parents.

Our overall thoughts 

This PYP 6 trip is a very important activity which we learn for our daily lives. It taught me very important things such as taking responsibility and how to survive without my parents always helping. Overall, this trip was fun and we recommend doing this trip as a student.

We have learned to be more independent and responsible with my health and things because we went without parents, overall it was fun and enjoyable.

By Parker Prutzman and Christian

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