PYP 4 Fortnight Assembly

PYP 4 presented their assembly last week. This is an event where we shared our learning journey about a�?How the World Worksa�? unit.

The Central Idea:
Understanding of the energy and forces that can be applied to support human progress.
Lines of Inquiry:
a�? Different types of energy and forces
a�? The transformation of energy
a�? The various uses of energy
Key concepts: Function, form and change

The learning journey begins with the provocation of activity to engage student inquiry. Students explore different forces and energy through many activities such as basketball, hula-hoop, frisbee, throwing and catching bean sacks, badminton and skipping rope. Also by conducting experiments to find out how forces and energy works.

During Maths, students learnt measurement units and exploring how an object ic connected to measurement tools. Students then had to explain orally the steps involved and how they arrived at their answer.

Students took action after they learned about why we need to be using energy responsibly by undertaking new habits, either at home or school, to turn off lights, TVs and air conditioners after use and reduce their use of electric gadgets.

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