October is the month when Indonesians commemorate the Youth Pledge Day on 28th October. It was the time when the Indonesian Youth Associations from all over Indonesia declared a pledge to unite the different languages and cultures of Indonesia. They declared one archipelago, one nation and one language, Indonesia. Bahasa Indonesia is our national pride and needs to be preserved well and used properly.

Pre-Elementary and Elementary students have embraced their countrya��s language, Bahasa Indonesia through these language activities and competitions which were held from the 23rd – 27th October 2017. This year we focused on developing studentsa�� reading skills in Bahasa Indonesia.

There were many reading activities and competitions in each grade like: reading a narrative story in PYP 1, reading an Indonesian legend in PYP 2, looking for our location on a map in PYP 3, reading advertisements in PYP 4, reading articles in PYP 5 and reading the news in PYP 6. The winner of each reading competition was announced in the Ciputra Hall during the Bulan Bahasa Closing Assembly which was held jointly with the PYP 3 Fortnight Assembly on 27th October 2017.

To celebrate this event, the PYP LRC also held a Book Challenge event. The main objective of this event was to develop the love of reading and literacy in our school. Students were expected to read a number of books and write a journal over a 2 week period. Parents were encouraged to help their child so they have good reading habits at home and to assist them while reading the books and writing their journal at home.

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