Sensory Play – Enriching Children’s Learning Experiences

Sensory play is a form of activity designed to stimulate children’s senses, such as touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste. Through the use of various materials and different environments, sensory play helps children understand and explore the world around them in an interactive and enjoyable way.

Sensory play activities can include playing with sand, water, clay, watercolors, textured toys, or other materials that allow children to touch, feel, smell, and see. Besides providing opportunities for children to develop fine motor skills and coordination, sensory play also stimulates their imagination, creativity, and observation of their environment.

At Ciputra School, the comprehensive learning philosophy includes the implementation of sensory play at the kindergarten level. The school recognizes the importance of fun and experiential learning for children in their early developmental stages. Therefore, learning at Ciputra School is designed to enrich children’s learning experiences through sensory play activities.

Ciputra School not only helps children develop their sensory skills but also enriches their overall learning experiences. This is an integral part of Ciputra School’s holistic approach to preparing children to become lifelong learners who are critical, creative, and skilled thinkers.

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