The Trust for Sustainable Living

The Trust for Sustainable Living is a charity run in partnership with the United Nations which aims to promote a world in which everyone is educated and empowered to achieve a sustainable future. More information about TSL can be found here.

Their 2021 International Schools Essay competition featured applicants from 213 schools in 59 different countries, on the theme of protecting biodiversity. The essay title for the competition was how can we protect biological diversity and stop the sixth mass extinction?

Nasya Lilananda, Grade 10 – Honourable Mention.

My essay talks about how I became more aware of the biodiversity surrounding myself. I wrote about the main problem with many people today – which is unawareness about biodiversity – and how we can resolve this issue: by dedicating time to celebrate biodiversity and educating people through clubs, initiatives, etc.

From joining the essay competition, I learned how to think deeper when it comes to trying to resolve large issues and write more concise paragraphs. Threats such as biodiversity extinction are extremely complex and important, and typically people would talk about generic solutions, such as teaching about biodiversity in schools or making posters. However, as per my personal experience, these solutions haven’t had much of an impact in my life, so I consulted experts and reflected on myself in coming up with effective solutions. Also, writing with a word limit of 600 words was quite tough since I’m used to writing longer essays, but this competition taught me to be more straightforward and concise.

With these techniques, guidance from my teachers and advice from Wenny, I was able to get honorable mention in the competition. Thank you for your support!

Wenny Wibisono, Grade 10 – World Finalist

My essay was about preserving biodiversity and the steps we can take into safeguarding our biodiverse Earth. I specifically highlighted and focused on the Komodo dragons as they play an important role in our ecosystem. Even as we enter 2021, many people are still not aware of this issue. Consequently, in my essay I talked about several ways in which we could combat this and that is through raising awareness through social media and donating to certain organisations that are focused on helping our biodiversity.

From joining the TSL essay competition, I learnt that just saying doesn’t help. We have to take action. Numerous people are filled with innovative ideas but are just afraid to speak up. All it takes is for everyone to take one step into safeguarding our Biodiverse Earth because as Leonardo Da Vinci once said “Knowing is not enough; we must apply. Being willing is not enough; we must do it.”

Finally, I would just like to thank everyone that helped me throughout this competition and that includes my teachers as well as Nasya. With their help, I was able to become a finalist in this competition and am currently waiting for the next round of results which will come out on March 15. Once again, thank you so much, this wouldn’t have been possible without you all.