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World Scholars Cup

The World Scholars Cup is an international academic tournament designed to encourage students from various countries to explore various topics through different activities such as debates, essay writing, and knowledge quizzes. This competition combines academic, social, and creative elements in a vibrant event that sparks inspiration.

Here are some key components of the World Scholars Cup:

  1. Debates: Students participate in team debates and individual debates, where they discuss relevant contemporary topics.
  2. Essay Writing: Participants write essays on specific topics related to global and local themes.
  3. Knowledge Quiz: Students test their knowledge in various subjects through a series of quizzes covering various topics.
  4. Collaboration: The World Scholars Cup encourages collaboration among students from different backgrounds and cultures through group activities and social interactions.
  5. Knowledge Discussions: In addition to the competition, the event also provides a forum for students to share ideas and discuss topics they have learned.

The World Scholars Cup is attended by thousands of students from various countries around the world, who gather to meet, compete, and exchange ideas. The event not only provides valuable academic experience but also promotes cross-cultural understanding and the development of critical thinking and communication skills.

Sekolah Ciputra is also one of the educational institutions participating in the World Scholars Cup, providing opportunities for its students to compete globally and sharpen their skills in a dynamic and challenging environment. Not only does the school offer students the chance to participate in the tournament, but it has also been trusted as the host of the tournament for 8 consecutive years at the regional level.

The main goal of this competition is not to measure students’ knowledge but to make the tournament an enjoyable activity. The debate themes are flexible, ranging from history, special areas, arts, literature, science, and social studies. There are many positive values ​​that students will gain during this tournament. “Students not only discuss things with each other, but they are also trained to work as a team, appreciate the opinions of others, they can also express other skill abilities in the talent show, build confidence, and most importantly, they can socialize with other students from around the world, a global community event.”

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