Grade 12 Final Assembly

“Di setiap cerita pasti ada akhirnya” farewell

(In every story, there will always be an end)

Years have gone by and finally we come to an end. The Class of 2018 must now bid farewell to their friends, teachers and the school, where many of them have spent most of their lives.

After so many assignments, tests and exams, the Class of 2018 was given one last task in their final year of High School: to prepare the best performance and class video possible. For the past few months, Year 12 students have been preparing for this moment seriously, along with their ongoing assessments. Despite all of the different schedules, the Class of 2018 succeeded in managing both school work and the Farewell Assembly preparation.

On 24th May, 2018, the Grade 12 Farewell Assembly finally came to fruition. It started with videos celebrating all the memories of the Class of 2018 followed by performances from 12 Humanities 2, 12 DP 2, 12 Science 1, 12 Humanities 1, 12 Science 2 and 12 DP 1. The Grade 12 student representative, Arya, prepared and delivered a wonderful speech representing the Class of 2018. As one final thank you, Grade 12 students also had a small surprise for all the teachers and staff who have helped throughout their High School and Sekolah Ciputra journey.

As a Year Level Manager of the Class 2018, I would like to express my gratitude for all of the support from the Grade 12 students, principals, teachers and staff who have supported not only this farewell assembly, but the journey of the Class of 2018 itself. Thank you very much!

Congratulations again to the Class of 2018!

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