A message from hubSC

A great quote about entrepreneurship comes from leading business thinker, Peter Drucker: 

“Entrepreneurship is neither an art or a science. It is a practice.”

Like learning the piano or playing basketball, you improve when undertaking deliberate practice and work on your skills. The same is true for entrepreneurship. The more you can practice the skills you need, the better you can become.

But what are the skills of entrepreneurship? According to the EU (and us here at hubSC), the skills are in three groups-  Ideas & Opportunities (such as creativity, valuing ideas, ethical and sustainable thinking); Building Resources (such as self-awareness and self-efficacy, financial and economic literacy, mobilizing others) and Taking Action (such as planning and management, coping with uncertainty, ambiguity, and risk, learning through experience).

Over the next few months, we look forward to sharing with you how our students are developing their practice.

hubSC- embrace the spirit.

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