I have always loved to bake and began to bake more during quarantine. I baked cakes for my friends and family’s birthdays and started getting orders from my mom’s friends.

I have always loved selling things and being an entrepreneur and I realised that I could earn money from this. Also, it would make my mom much happier because I could start buying stuff I wanted with my own money instead of having to keep asking her. Finally, Cakesby.Angie was born! I slowly got more and more orders and before I knew it, school started again. I was afraid that my business would have to end but fortunately because of online school, I am able to balance my work and school work much easier than I would have if I was in school physically. I still make school a priority but having this online business as my side job has really helped me get through the pandemic and is giving me something to do.

What keeps me motivated to continue is the fact that this is my passion and I love what I am doing. Although sometimes it can be tiring, seeing the end product and the customer’s review makes it worth it! This business has taught me a lot of things such as how to deal with customers, how to communicate with many different people, how to manage my time, how to manage orders, a lot of new responsibilities, new recipes and much more! I am excited to see what the future brings to me and my business!

Angelina Anna Hanjaya – Grade 10D

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