News from the Executive Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents, Students, Staff alumni and proud members of the Sekolah Ciputra family,

Congratulations to everyone involved in the PYP exhibition. What an event. The assembly was magnificent and really highlighted the students’ learning journey. Following that we were able to interact with the students’ learning and witness their passion and enthusiasm for their group work. The students were articulate, passionate and knowledgeable and the work was of a very high standard. Thanks need to be expressed to the staff who organised this year’s exhibition, the grade 6 team and all the staff who mentored student groups. This was a truly collaborative learning journey.

We are now halfway into our mock examinations for the grade 12 students. After this it is a race to their summative finish line, the IBDP examinations. There is still enough time to take stock of results and plan to enhance them in the six weeks remaining.

The second of March sees our wonderful PSG host their annual sembako murah and garage sale. The PSG will ensure that this event is well organised and helps make a difference within our community.

Thursday 29th is leap day and the HS is celebrating this with a spirit day. This is a nice way to celebrate this once in every four years occasion. A special expression of best wishes to anyone in our school community who has their birthday on this day (we have one teacher and one student)!  Four years is a long time to wait for a birthday, so we wish you all the very best!

Have a great day.

Martin Blackburn

Executive Principal