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Dear Parents, Teachers and Staff,

Unlock your creativity!

This is the theme of our Art Festival being celebrated this week.  It is wonderful to note how passionate our community is about the art and to see how they can maintain this passion even with the potential obstacle that online learning presents. It was wonderful to start the week with Mr Himawan’s musical welcome and we all look forward to the activities as the week unfolds.  We also look forward to the selection of the Director’s Choice award at the Grade 12 Art Exhibition in a few weeks’ time and seeing which piece will join our growing gallery. Mr Erik, our previous director, began this tradition seven years ago where one piece of art each year wins the Director’s Choice Award and is placed in our school gallery, which is in the High School foyer.

Visit the Virtual Art Gallery using this link:

Whilst visiting the classrooms last Friday I witnessed a home learning material swap in the Early Years building. Parents were dropping of materials and work from students and picking up their bags for the next few weeks. It was fabulous to see how well organised and structured this was.  This is proof once again of the strong learning partnerships in the school!  The Elementary will be distributing its next set of materials this week. 

Enjoy our Art Festival and have a fabulous week! 

Martin Blackburn

Executive Principal

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