News from the Executive Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents, Teachers and Staff,

The buntings and flags are flying and the school is ready to host its first virtual Independence Day!  We have sent out a message with the arrangements for the day and hope you, the parents and community of Sekolah Ciputra will join the ceremony and the performances afterwards.  Celebrating this auspicious occasion, and especially the sacrifices made by so many to protect the freedom of future generations, is fitting.  It is also important to be reminded of the principles of Independence and reflect upon progress.  Our school vision talks about students being proud of their national identities and we want them to be proud of what makes them unique in the world.

Another important part of our celebration was the donations of food to support those who have been affected by the pandemic. As you can see from the photos an amazing quantity of grocery packages were collected and distributed throughout Surabaya.  We were very pleasantly surprised that the Mayor chose Demilanarie Mulya from Grade 6 along with four other students from other schools in Surabaya to represent all the students of Surabaya at the acceptance ceremony.  She has shared her experience from the day.

Today, I just blasted! I felt my feet trembling, the first part I came into the tent. I was so amazed about how many people there were inside this tent. As soon as the announcer called my name up to the stage, I could feel my body shaking. I slowly walked on to the stage and happily gave little children a backpack to use for their education and a bag of instant noodles, water, oil, and rice. Before I left the stage, I shook Mr Mayor’s (Eri Cahyadi) hand. I was so nervous, but I just told myself to calm down. I slowly walked down the stage.  After a few minutes, it was High School’s turn. I watched them as they did the same things I did. I waited for the Walikota to finish his speech about making Surabaya a Zone Green and it was amazing! He said that we kids have to lead Surabaya to become a great city.

What a fantastic opportunity!  We are so blessed to have such amazing students and such a wonderful community.

Have a great week.

Martin Blackburn

Executive Principal

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