On Wednesday 11th April,A�PlaygroupA�had a visit from dentistsA�fromA�theA�Faculty of dentistry a�� UNAIR Surabaya. The aim of this programme is to educate our students about the importance ofA�aA�healthy lifestyleA�fromA�the early years byA�buildingA�a deep understanding and developingA�good habitsA�which help us to stay healthy.

The visit opened with a dental health education session/workshopA�for students to teachA�them aboutA�the importance of taking care of our teeth. Parents were invitedA�toA�this sessionA�to support their learning. The session was followed by brushing teeth together (student-parent) led by the dentists in a small group, followed by aA�dental check-up. The session closed with a dancing performance by the dentists. The movements of the dance wereA�the steps of brushing teeth to help the students remember.

A big thanks to the visiting dentists, we had a great day.

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