Garda Pangan is a non-government organisation which runs an initiative called “Food Rescue”

Food Rescue collects excess food from restaurants, caterers, bakeries, hotels, farmlands, events, weddings and individual donations, and distributes to underprivileged communities in Surabaya.

I volunteered my services on 26th July 2019. We went to a village to deliver food to all the people there. It was hectic and I found the language spoken was Javanese, which I don’t understand. My colleagues and friends helped me out and we handled the situation. We handed out many meals and it was great to be a part of a practical NGO.

After the food was served, we then had to wash the containers. I was told I wasted a lot of soap, which wasn’t very good for the coordinators or the environment.

Overall, the CAS experience taught me that joining other cultural environments can be challenging. However, I realise that if I try, I can make a difference. Thanks to my friends and the coordinators who were there to help me. 

Moonly Koespianto – Grade 12 DP

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