“Hi everyone! My name is Patricia Jesslyn Onggoraharjo, from Grade 10A.

A Brownies business is a field that I do for entrepreneurship. I started this at the beginning of Grade 9 as I love to bake and cook. My mother encouraged me to sell my brownies, and that is how ” @Jesslyn.bakes ” was made.

Initially, not many people ordered brownies from me. However, because I actively posted my brownies on my Instagram, people finally started ordering my product and I started to sell them in quite large quantities. Apart from the daily orders, my friends also ordered brownies when someone they care about has their birthday.  Now not only do I do brownies but I also sell cookies, bread&butter pudding, klappertart, marble cake, salmon mental, etc. I enjoy baking as this is my hobby and what I do in my spare time. At the same time, I also gain extra money to buy the things I really want. Although, there are some challenges I have had to face. For example, before Corona I was swamped with arranging my activities as an entrepreneur and studying simultaneously. I usually do all my work from school, and directly afterwards I bake for my orders. During the pandemic, my orders went down. However, I used my time mastering better skills in baking.

In the future, I plan to take a culinary major to learn more skills and knowledge about how to be a good baker. I have made my mind up to study in Australia because I am wanting to be in this field for a long time.”

Patricia Jesslyn Onggoraharjo – Grade 10A


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