A lot of people nowadays experience stress in their lives and have a hard time relaxing and calming down their minds. Managing stress is very important for our mental health. One way we can do this is by meditating. Mindfulness meditation is a research-proven practice where we focus on an object or activity. The most common and easy one is to focus on breathing. The intention is not to control our breathing, but to simply be aware as you inhale and exhale.

We usually experience stress when we do not have space in our minds to think clearly. When we meditate, our parietal lobe slows down, which is the part of the brain where sensory information of our surrounding world is processed. This allows us to give space and have control over what comes in and out of our mind, thus releasing pressure and alleviating stress.

A number of pieces of research have proven that meditation can lead to decreased stress, improved concentration, lower blood pressure, and reduced anxiety. So, let’s meditate!

Alvaro Vincent Wijaya (Grade 9B)

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