Message from OSIS Captain & Vice Captain

A Message from the OSIS Captain

The purpose of a student council has always been about assisting the students by providing them the freedom of expression and opportunities to have experiences in areas they are interested in. This year we have been given the opportunity to be the next student council captain and vice-captain and we would like to thank the students and teachers for providing us this chance. We will do our best to make this school year a fun and memorable one!

Starting off, we would like to say that we were proud to have competed against such strong candidates who have made the election fun and challenging. Every day was like a battlefield, we all showed our strengths which never ceases to amaze me. As Election Day got closer and closer, I truly saw the fire burning in all of us but in the end, we knew that we’re all in this together. This is the passion and unity that we have in our school especially among our grade level.

To promote our campaign, we used social media as the main platform. At times like this, I guess the internet is what brought us together. So we did what we had to do, make daily electronic posters and our own campaign video which we had to promote every single day before the election. We had many late nights just to discuss our strategies and to make sure that everything was ready to be shared and promoted. Were we tired? No, we were exhausted but this experience managed to show me what our strengths and weaknesses are and I am truly grateful for that.

With all being said, we, as this year’s student council captains, are ready to begin this adventure and take on new challenges so let’s make this year an amazing school year despite the limitations from COVID-19.

Also, member application forms are going to be sent out on Monday, 7th of September! We can’t wait to see your names, so don’t forget to apply as a member or even as head of departments!

We can’t wait to see you back in school – stay safe and stay tuned for our events and updates!

Warm regards,

Sonya Nahama Wijoyo – OSIS Captain

A Message from the OSIS Vice-Captain

One percent was what seemed to be our chances of being elected as we submitted our application form. But on the 28th of August, 2020 at exactly 2:33 pm, we screamed on top of our lungs upon a striking email titled “final results” congratulating us. At that moment, it was surreal, at that moment, we felt like a full whole, 100%. The many all-nighters we had to pull to discuss our strategies, create posters, the 142 video takes and 7 hours of video editing, paid off. The year 2020 that we had dreaded so much, didn’t feel so bad for a moment. For both of us, it sparked a fresh start, one which we very much look forward to.

Given the opportunity to speak here today, we would like to thank all of you, so much, for all of the support and enthusiasm, you have given to us. Thank you to all who have participated in the elections, to the other candidates, who are some of our closest friends, thank you for making it quite the experience. To be frank, we didn’t expect this at all, at least I didn’t. Whatever it was that you saw or hoped from us, whatever it was that stood out to you, we are glad that you, even if just for a moment, recognized it.

Even with all of the limitations this year have provided, we will keep striving to be resilient, and persevere to achieve our vision, “Students in Sekolah Ciputra are proud members of an impactful community, which support their freedom of expression.” Our vision revolves around the idea in which everyone (in Sekolah Ciputra) is a part of something, is given opportunities to explore their potential in full, and is contributing good to others, within and beyond our school. In order to achieve our vision, our mission is to:

  • Provide diverse platforms and/or opportunities in which students can apply their creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial ways.
  • Build a supportive, motivating, and exciting school environment despite limitations in consequence of COVID-19
  • Nurture and enrich student talents and expression through the organization of clubs and events
  • Establish a strong sense of school pride.

We hope you look forward to making our vision come true as much as we do, as it cannot happen without everyone’s contribution. Though a part of me feels overwhelmed bearing such responsibility so suddenly, I am beyond excited for this opportunity.

Tomorrow, even if you remember not a single word of mine you have just read, I hope you take away how we, who felt like a mere 1% pulled through and added two zeros to the number, and that you could too! Take that leap of faith, even if the possibility of reaching the other end is only as small as 1%. You might land on the moon, maybe a maze, or perhaps on the back of a tiger. Either one would be quite the adventure nevertheless.

With Gratitude,

Josephine Onggowarsito – OSIS Vice Captain

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