MYP Mini Project Exhibition

Basically this is the collaboration of three yearlevels,Year 7-9, working on various projects.

The Year 7 exhibited their Batik Project which was held in the MPH. There were around 90 students who displayed their products from their batik cloths. These were made in their YLP time over the final semester.

The Year 8 students exhibited their project that they have been working on. Most students created various kinds of meals, food and healthy drinks. Some live demonstrations where held on the day.Students were divided in small groups from each class, making 14 groups in total. The teachers invited parents to come and see their children’sa products.

The Year 9 Mini Group Project is just like a Personal Project, but a simpler version. The aim is to prepare the students with the type work that students will face doing the Personal Project in Year 10. The teachers simulate a simplified version of the Personal Project and journal. This is a collaboration between two students as we have limited amount of time due to Year 9 UNAS preparations and UNAS itself.

The exhibition and display was just like a mini Personal Project, preparing us for Year 10.

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