News from the Executive Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents, students, alumni and proud supporters of Sekolah Ciputra,

On Friday we celebrated the one hundredth day of school. This provided the opportunity for the EYP and PYP to explore issues around the number one hundred. They looked at the mathematics but also things like what was going on in the World a hundred years ago and what is likely to be happening one hundred years in the future.  As usual the PYP assembly was colourful and exciting. It was fabulous to see classes from the early years participating in this event too. As a celebration it was wonderful, and it also provided a fantastic educational prompt (as well as some very imaginative costumes!)

Next week is a busy one. We have university workshops for the grade 12 students and parents. This is part of the overall preparation of our students for their next step. We are also holding polio immunisations of behalf of the Department of Health early in the week.

The PYP X, the exhibition, is just around the corner. If you go to the top building in the elementary you will see groups of students working collaboratively on their exhibition which is the main summative assessment for the PYP programme. The students use the Learner Profile and their AtL skills in addressing a real-world problem. On Wednesday afternoon we have the parents’ information session.

On Friday we have another High School coffee morning for parents. These feature our heads of faculties discussing the nuances of their subjects and give really valuable insight to parents.

The Sekolah Ciputra Model United Nations will held on Saturday.  Congratulations to the organisers of this extremely challenging event. A successful MUN requires a great deal of expertise from the organisers and participants find the event very challenging yet rewarding. It is also a practice of the sorts of skills that can be very successfully transferred into the real world.

Finally, congratulations to the six students who have qualified for the Singapore International Maths Olympiad Challenge as a result of their achievements in the American maths Olympiad. We congratulate you and wish you all the very best if you take the next step and join the competition.

Have a great week.

Martin Blackburn

Executive Principal