News from the Executive Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents, students, teachers and Sekolah Ciputra community,

What a wonderful occasion the cross country was. We had so many participants from Sekolah Ciputra and four other schools. The weather was hot but that did not deter our students who ran some very good times. The event is usually a race within a race, with Sekolah Ciputra students racing each other for house points as well as an interschool competition.

This year however we had a race within a race within a race. We were delighted to have a team of sixteen alumni participate in the grade 11 race. The competition here was the top five alumni times versus the top five Sekolah Ciputra times. This was very tight with only three minutes separating the teams over five runners but this time the students won. I suspect that the alumni team will come bag bigger, fitter and faster next year!

Over the weekend we hosted our inaugural inter school badminton tournament featuring six schools. This was another great event, and it is good to note the variety of sports being offered.

Following on the heels of this, next week we have our inaugural golf tournament of Friday. This will involve students from three schools and is a welcome addition to our sports programme. The weekend will be dominated by a truly massive iteration of the World Scholars’ Cup. This will be by far the largest we have ever hosted, and the organisation is monumental. We are just so grateful to have so many volunteers helping us with the organisation of the day and we look forward to a successful and exciting learning journey and the opportunity for our students to progress to the next round.

Apart from these activities we also have the music recital on Thursday afternoon. This serves as the summative for our students who are studying DP music. It is also a great opportunity to witness amazing musicians play wonderful music.

As we have commented previously, there are an amazing array of activities available for our students and all of them are being generously supported by our staff, our parent support group and our alumni association.

Have a great day!

Martin Blackburn

Executive Principal


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