News from the Executive Principal’s Desk

Dear Parents, Teachers and Staff,

Happy New Year and welcome back. I hope you enjoyed your break and looking forward to the second semester and the start of term three.

This is a term where once again the students will be academically challenged whilst at the same time participating in a wide range of extra-curricular activities. The third term features the mock IBDP and school examinations for our senior students, the Personal Project for the Grade 10 students and the Exhibition for the Grade 6 students. Grade 9 will have their examinations as well. We have the school production, “Three Idiots”, in February and a range of activities and events to challenge and develop the students.

It is always good to start any journey with the end in mind. In each case participants need to visualise the outcomes they want and ensure that they invest enough time and effort into the process as well as having the support and encouragement that they need. This week is mathematics week in the Elementary school. Mathematics is always important but having a celebratory week, coinciding with the hundredth day of school really emphasises that we are serious about mathematics. Everyone can be a good mathematician with the right attitude and support. Increased competence in mathematics scaffolds development in all subject areas and is one of the foundations of academic success. An Elementary parent workshop on mathematics will be held this Friday in the Borobudur Room at 8:00 am. We look forward to your participation.

Have a great week, term and semester!

Martin Blackburn

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