PYP 3 Outing in Citraland

During a�?How the World Worksa�? unit, students learnt that the design of buildings and structures is dependent upon environmental factors and human creativity.

Students learnt various ways to find out the building and structure designs, the function of the building and the reason why they chose that particular area to construct the building. Students went on an outing to a Marketing office to see how they plan and design residences. A guest speaker explained clearly about the ways to build a house, the building structure, the material needed as well as the strongest foundation for a house. The students were enthusiastic and very interested.

They also got a chance to design a simple house in groups. One group shared their discussion results and then students moved around the office to see a diorama of a model house and CitraLanda��s plans for future housing.

Students enjoyed the outing and activity and were able to share their knowledge with others in the class.

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