September 21st was the day when Ms.Ria sent us a notice of the UNSW article competition regarding the pandemic through the lens of STEM and health perspectives, and how we can contribute to the recovery plan as future high degree students. When I first saw the notice I was very intrigued about the idea of writing an article on this specific topic, so I took the opportunity to participate. But what I did not realize was how much I wasn’t prepared on writing an article of the sort. I kept asking myself ‘What is STEM?’ ‘How am I supposed to make an article convincing to the judges?’. Mind you I wasn’t the competitive type, but I felt like this was a challenge and a great opportunity to try something new.

So I’ve started to pour my dedication and efforts into writing the article for the competition, it was rigorous and tedious, to say the least, because I was unfamiliar with the standards of the competition. But with the assistance of my English teacher, Mr. Peter, I was able to get a clear understanding of what I’m lacking and what I should include in my article, which in turn boosted my confidence. As we were getting the results of the competition, I didn’t think much of the results at first, but when they announced my article had reached the ‘top 10 best articles’ section. I was surprised because I’ve never thought my efforts could get me this far. But I couldn’t have done it with the help of Sekolah Ciputra staff members and teachers for giving me this opportunity and assisting on this rigorous journey, I am beyond grateful. I felt like this competition has taught me that if students were given the opportunity to do anything, they should reach out and at least try to do it. Be fearless, take it from a student who has no confidence and hasn’t done anything extraordinary of the sort. 

Keshia Tiffany Sumarno Gazali – 12DP

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