Anti Bullying Campaign

The High School OSIS representatives, in collaboration with the High School counsellors, held an “Anti-Bullying Week” from 4th to 8th November 2019, with strenuous efforts to address the impending issues surrounding bullying within the school grounds. The OSIS team held an anti-bullying campaign in which students and teachers were welcomed to perform open-stage anti-bullying-themed performances during the break and lunch times to raise awareness. The school is proud to call the campaign successful with many amazing performances by the teachers and the students. Not only that, with the support of parents, teachers and students, they were able to raise Rp. 5,034,000.00 which will be donated to the Kawalu Mandani Foundation to support their “Sudah Dong” campaign. Their campaign aligns with the OSIS mission to eradicate bullying within our community.

Furthermore, on Monday, 11th November 2019, an anti-bullying assembly with anti-bullying-themes performances were held, to which High School students, Elementary student council representatives and teachers were invited to watch the assembly. They were extremely grateful to also welcome an honoured guest speaker from KPAI, Bu Riza, to give a talk about anti-bullying. The students, as one big family, stand against bullying with a pledge to aid in the eradication of bullying.

The OSIS team firmly believes that their efforts will not stop with this campaign but will extend into the future to inspire the students of Sekolah Ciputra to be responsible and kind members of our community.

Anti-Bullying Campaign organizers (Vania, Alicia, Tito, Naura)

By Sherlene Leonita Winarto

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