Cashless Canteen System

The idea of converting the school’s canteen with a cashless system began in January 2018, when the three of us (Steven, Glenn, and Jonathan) were bouncing ideas off each other for our creativity, activity, service (CAS), which is a core component of the IB diploma programme. We thought the prospect of infusing technology into something as modest as the school canteen whilst utilising the student card was a keen idea. We wanted to see technology active and evolving within our school, benefiting the students’ and tenants in the long run. As seniors of Sekolah Ciputra, we felt encouraged by the school’s vision and mission of entrepreneurship to revitalise the school canteen.

We began the process of research and planning. Over the 2018 summer break, we poured over the logistics and formalised the details. As we entered into our final academic year in August, we eagerly presented our idea to the schools senior leadership team. Shortly afterwards, we began to frequent the school’s ICT team and worked with them to turn the dream into a reality.

Throughout the project’s execution and planning, we encountered many hurdles that needed to be overcome in order for the system to work. To breakdown the workload, we split our job into three domains: management and design (Steven), utilities and planning (Glenn), and programme development (Johnathan). While Steven and Glenn constructed management plans (to be later approved by the senior leadership team), Jonathan collaborated directly with the ICT team. To allow other students to participate in the process, we held an event involving students aiding us in creating and designing the cards.

However, we faced setbacks and misgivings, such as the shadow lurking behind the use of technology. Moreover, being in Grade 12, the final year of High School, we inevitably had to balance out an enormous workload. Despite the major obstacle ahead of us, we were able to persist, thanks to the support of many individuals.

In closing, we would like to thank the senior management team, ICT, the canteen staff and every student in the school for inspiring us and giving us the opportunity to find meaning in this experience. We hope that our project can be an inspiration for our juniors in the years to come. This CAS experience was one of our most substantial and extensive we have initiated and despite the difficulties, we are proud of it. We have learned that CAS isn’t just a one-time deal, isn’t just a mundane come-get-your-marks, isn’t just homework provided by the school, but CAS is about meaningfully caring for the community, individuals, and environment surrounding us.

Steven Y. 12-08, Glenn A. 12-12, Johnathan L 12-12

Note: Congratulations to our entrepreneurial students for making their idea a reality. The school will go entirely cashless from the start of the next academic year, 2019-2020. For more information, please go to the link on our website Cashless Canteen @ Sekolah Ciputra

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