Entrepreneurship is thriving at Sekolah Ciputra.  
The project is about trying to explore and invent something out of my prior knowledge and hopefully helping other people. The materials are plastic containers, a plastic lid, rubber tube, water bag, heat pack, aluminum foil, 2 AA batteries, battery holder, wires (not powered), 3 prong toggle off and on switch, a light bulb and a fork. I got inspired by those instant soup bases for hotpot that use heat packs as their single exothermic heating agent, but they only stayed hot for 30-45 minutes. So I tried to add some modifications to the design and make it compact and minimalistic, along with making it prolong the period of time where it stayed hot. It took 2 months to design, tweak, and create the final prototype. I got help from Ms Laura when she supervised my project and she gave me feedback to make my presentation better and better. It stayed hot for over 2 hours after the presentation ended. I hope that in the future, I can mass-produce these lunchboxes and hopefully sell them so people can get a product that can help them during a natural disaster situation, (also good as a general microwave/heater). 
Lorenzo Anson Poedijono   –  Grade 5 has created a Natural-disaster lunchbox.

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