“Sekolah Ciputra taught me how to think outside the box. The seed of my entrepreneurial skills started in Sekolah Ciputra.


1. How long were you in Sekolah Ciputra? Starting from what grade until what grade?
I was in Sekolah Ciputra for 4 years, starting from grade 9 until grade 12.

2. After graduating from Sekolah Ciputra, where do you study? What is your major?
– Bachelor’s Degree: Istituto Marangoni (London, UK) – Fashion Business.
– Master’s Degree: Regent’s University London (London, UK) – International Business

3. What did you do after graduating from university?
I worked in fashion companies such as Roksanda Ilincic and have worked backstage at London Fashion Week. After that, I pursued my other passion in starting an online bakery in London under a graduate entrepreneurship visa before finally moving back to Indonesia in 2017.

4. What is your current occupation?
I’m a business owner, business development manager and financial controller at Hotel Harper Perintis and Manggala Junction.

5. In what way did Sekolah Ciputra contribute to your job right now?
Sekolah Ciputra taught me how to think outside the box. The seed of my entrepreneurial skills started in Sekolah Ciputra. I love how at school we have been taught to voice our opinions and to grow our skills and talents in many different aspects.

6. What was the best thing about Sekolah Ciputra? Tell us something memorable from your time at Sekolah Ciputra
The best thing about Sekolah Ciputra was, of course, all the friends I made there! Surprisingly, they are also the ones who stick around after all this time. The bond we made in Sekolah Ciputra lasted more than 15 years for me now and we are still going strong.
I’m a very competitive person so my most memorable time at Sekolah Ciputra would be sports day where we battle it out between houses. I was house green! (Now Komodo!)

7. What advice would you give to a graduating student?
It is okay to not know what you want to do in life right now. Don’t pressure yourself to live up to the world’s expectations! Don’t force yourself to study subjects that you don’t want. Have fun! When you go to university, don’t just study, but explore! Make lots of new friends, try different foods, see the world. Sure, university will teach you a lot of things but also the experiences you made out of it in your daily life that will matter the most. And most importantly, if you have fear of the future, pray for it and consult with the people who know you best.

8. Would you recommend Sekolah Ciputra to others? If yes, what would you say about it?
Definitely! I would say I’m lucky to be part of Sekolah Ciputra Alumni. Sekolah Ciputra has taught me so many life skills, way beyond theoretical subjects. Sekolah Ciputra has given me lifelong best friends. I would never forget some of the incredible teachers who have guided me with so much patience.

9. What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
I go to the gym. I love weight lifting. I love food. I love exploring new cafes and restaurants. I love traveling. I’m also involved in my church ministry. I am now one of the leaders and coordinators for young adult ministry at my church. That means I mentor single young professionals aged 18-30.

10. Anything else you would like to share?

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