Name: Masardi Rachman Rosyid

Graduation year: 2018
What was the best thing about Sekolah Ciputra?  Tell us something memorable from your time here.
School activities were spot on! I loved the school camps, athletic day, swimming competitions, etc.
I also enjoyed the extracurricular’s, I joined the culinary and coding club and I had a blast.
Would you recommend Sekolah Ciputra to others? If yes, what would you say about it?
Yes, the way the teachers teach is amazing. One personal reason for this is because I am a visual learner and I can learn better when I can see it happening directly or at least pictures/videos are shown. Furthermore, real-world examples are used as an analysis topic which is very important as theory might not always follow the real world situation as theory can be an assumption of the real world.
Where are you going to university? What are you studying?
Monash University in Clayton, Melbourne. I am currently studying Information Technology, hoping to specialise in networking and security.
What do you expect to do after graduating?
I want to go for my master degree, after that I expect myself to be able to install IT equipment and then create a network for a company, maintain, and secure it. It would also be able to give advice to people as well as I will not only work in the IT environment.
Are you doing this now?
Not yet as I am still doing my bachelor degree, those are my plans, as a motivation for me to thrive.

What kind of work do you do?

Right now, I give technology and car advice to my friends. If I do have spare time, sometimes I fix cars and computers.
In what way did the school contribute to your university choices?
Business, Management and Economics are really helpful since in IT budgeting is very important, with these skills which I have learnt in high school it helps me to become more aware, particularly when buying a product to install since we usually seek the best deal.
What advice would you give to a graduating student?
Never give up, life always goes up and down. It is on us whether we want to stay at the top or at the bottom. When we are at the top, we expect to see our life going south one day, it is back on us whether we want to make it extreme or not.
Be grateful for what we have, it is okay to be “bad” at something. We have strengths and weaknesses but don’t let your weaknesses get you, motivation is key, don’t make your weaknesses “worse” by doing nothing. If it is possible for you to fix it, fix it!
Go out of your comfort zone, it can be difficult, but you will learn something new and you might even get a reward from it. Try something new!
What do you enjoy doing in your free time?
Racing (drifting and rally), fixing cars, programming, tinkering with my computer.
Anything else you would like to share?
It is okay to make mistakes, by making mistakes we learn something. Everybody has to start somewhere, it is about dedication. If you stop just because you make mistakes, then all of those problems will stop, but you will not be any better. Keep on trying, you can still make mistakes but eventually, you will get where you want to be. There is always a way, every problem has its own solution.

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