Dear Parents, Teachers and Staff,

It has been really nice watching the different videos posted about Independence Day. It is always good to see the way our school community demonstrates its commitment to our vision. Similarly, it was great to be able to participate in Dr Komang’s parent workshop on Saturday. We were delighted with the turn out and the message resonates.  Online learning requires students to sit in front of screens. We have to be careful to ensure that they are seated properly and take appropriate breaks from their screen time.

We continue to prepare the school for reopening. Since we began online learning we have taken the opportunity to renovate large sections of the school. The Elementary office and sick bay have been reorganised and are now much more user friendly.  The HS front entrance was redesigned by our students and is much more fit for purpose. A wonderful job has been made renovating the HS toilets, as per the feedback we got from the student survey. The exciting project currently underway is the redevelopment of the heart of the High School. This courtyard area bounded by the old Design room, the kitchen and the Library is being redeveloped to become a design/entrepreneurship area. Once again students led the design process and the area will be a fantastic addition to the school.

Finally, we begin our annual MAP testing this week with the Elementary, moving through Grades 3, 6 and then into the HS for Grade 9. MAP is an important part of our testing regime as it is an external assessment that we use to ensure that our standards and programmes are rigorous and of an international standard.

Thank you and have a great week.

Martin Blackburn

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