PG B Invite a Guest Speaker

This term, PG B are learning about how living things grow and stay alive. This includes both animals and plants, and to show responsibility for the well-being of other livingA�things, byA�taking care of them. In order to extend the studentsa�� learning on this particular subject, we invited aA�veterinarianA�as a guest speaker. Inviting a guest speaker or an expert is helpful for the students to get insights and perspective about a particular field. Students also had the opportunity to ask questions andA�have them answered by an expert.

During the visit, the Vet gave a short presentation on how to take care of pets and ourselves after we have been in contact with otherA�animals.A�They also showed us the tools we can use to take care of our pets such as brushes and food. Afterwards the students took turns brushing and gently touching the cats they had brought. It was a fun and interesting visit! Thank you for coming to visit us.

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