Entrepreneurship News

Entrepreneurship hubSC

December 6, 2019

It’s never too early to start being an entrepreneur. At Sekolah Ciputra, the opportunity to put entrepreneurship into practice starts […]

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Entrepreneur Class

November 4, 2019

During one of our recent entrepreneur classes, we had two guest speakers who are fantastic entrepreneurs themselves and were able […]

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hubSC – Taking Action

September 18, 2019

Often people associate entrepreneurship only with business- that is, entrepreneurs create companies to make a profit. The most well known […]

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A message from hubSC

September 4, 2019

A great quote about entrepreneurship comes from leading business thinker, Peter Drucker:  “Entrepreneurship is neither an art or a science. […]

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Entrepreneurship hubSC

August 26, 2019

At hubSC we think a lot about what it takes to be an entrepreneur. At times it can be hard […]

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On the 26th April, a trade delegation from Singapore visited Sekolah Ciputra. Organised by Enterprise Singapore, the delegation was a […]

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Who Is An Entrepreneur?

April 8, 2019

Mr Ollie gave a fabulous presentation to the whole school during assembly. Entrepreneurship is an important part of Sekolah Ciputra […]

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Cashless Canteen System

March 22, 2019

The idea of converting the school’s canteen with a cashless system began in January 2018, when the three of us […]

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Entrepreneurship @SC

March 8, 2019

At Sekolah Ciputra, entrepreneurship is fundamental to the school vision, mission and goals. At each year level and through the […]

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Pitching Startup Ideas

January 18, 2019

Three startup ideas from Grade 11 humanities were presented on Thursday, 17th January to a panel consisting of parents, our […]

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