Relating to our unit of inquiry a�?Sharing the Planeta�?, PYP 3 went on an outing to Kampong Demak Timur II, one of the winners of the cleanest and greenest Kampongs in Surabaya. The Kampong set up some activities, such as a composter, a wastewater treatment facility, Kefir milk processing and a recycling scheme.

The students enjoyed making compost. They tried to mix up food and vegetable waste with husk. The process of composting takes between three weeks to one month, then we can use it as a fertilizer. In the wastewater treatment activity, students learned the process of cleaning the wastewater to be used again. The result is that the wastewater can be used only for watering the plants and washing motorcycles. During the recycling activity, students learned the process of how to recycle things, which starts by separating the waste based on the materials, cleaning-up the packaging and waiting until the materials get dry enough to make it into a different form. They also got an opportunity to make a simple flower from laundry detergent wrapping. During the a�?Kefira�? activity, students learned how to ferment milk to form yogurt. On the way back to school we passed Jalan Karet to show how communities there recycle used car tires into rubbish bins with interesting decorations.

From this outing, students learned how to maximize used/thrown away items to make useful things.

PYP 3 team

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